The male a cappella ensemble Quartonal was founded in 2006, and is one of the most promising vocal groups to emerge from Germany in recent years. Quartonal performs music from across the male voice repertoire, singing classical works ranging from the Renaissance period to the 21st century, alongside folksongs and pop music.



The vocal ensemble Quartonal was highly praised for their first album. “Their CD Another Way gave Quartonal an impressive debut with many touching
moments. The sound is wonderfully clear, carefully balanced and warm,” said the NDR. Now on their new CD they show that they can also perform popular
melodies with their unique sound. Including Max Raabe’s Kissing You Can not Be Alone, George Michael’s Faith, Reinhard Mey’s Above the Clouds, Chris Martin’s Viva La Vida and Mike Deighan’s Les Champs-Elysées.


Another Way

The young vocal ensemble Quartonal is one of the most promising ensembles inthe German a cappella world. Another Way is their first album, devoted entirely to English music. The focus is on beautiful compositions of late-romanticism, including works bythe greats such as Ralph Vaughan Williams, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, Edward Cuthbert Bairstow, and Arthur Seymour Sullivan. As a counterpoint, the recording includes three world premieres composed by renowned contemporary composers: Philip Lawson, Thomas Hewitt Jones and Graham Lack. These pieces were composed especially for Quartonal. Another way explores images such as nature and hiking, wanderlust, love and longing – a shot full of emotion and emotion, performed in the impressive Mandelsloher St. Osdag church, which is famous for its impeccable acoustics.


In about 10 years, Scherzi Musicali has become one of the brightest stars in the early music cosmos, and is renowned for its dynamic interpretations of seventeenth and eighteenth century repertoire which its musicians explore with insatiable appetite and zeal. Whether uncovering lost gems of a forgotten musical heritage or revisiting staples of the baroque repertoire, the musicians of Scherzi Musicali apply the same exacting approach to all of the works they interpret, using philological research and reflection to guide them in their never-ending quest for the most accurate and historical performance style.


Scherzi Musicali

Joseph-Hector Fiocco: Petits Motets Vol. II

Joseph-Hector Fiocco’s music is remarkable for its quality, richness of invention and the liveliness that characterises it all. With a somewhat surprising coherence it achieves a fusion of French and Italian aesthetics, as regards both harmony and melody. His infectious melodies give the listener the impression of knowing them already; singability is always paramount, and the lines are supple and elegant. Now and then a passage is reminiscent of Vivaldi, Pergolesi or Couperin. Yet the firm, inspired pen of Fiocco confirms his stature as a composer of the first order, with a highly personal language full of sensuality and light. Nicolas Achten and Scherzi Musicali deliver a second volume devoted to Fiocco’s motets, after the 2011 release  which was awarded a Diapason d or Découverte and IRR Outstanding.

Scherzi Musicali

Antonio Bertali
La Maddalena

Through the combination of sacred and profane that she embodies, the profoundly human personality of Mary Magdalene greatly inspired artists of the Baroque era, whether painters, poets or composers. It was in the sphere of influence of Italian oratorios, highly prized at the court of Vienna, that Antonio Bertali devoted a most moving sepolcro to her in 1663, a genre traditionally played during Holy Week. In 1617, in Mantua, it was in the form of theatrical interludes that she was honoured by court composers such as Salomone Rossi, Muzio Effrem and Claudio Monteverdi, who wrote the prologue for this other Maddalena.

Ensemble Metamorfosi

Thomas Selle:
Geistliche Concertlein
Newe amorösische Liedlein

The music of this CD was written by Thomas Selle as a young man during the Thirry Years’ War. It seems almost as if at that time Selle had tried to dream
himself and his contemporaries in many of his songs to Arcadia, the ancient fairytale world with nymphs, satyrs and idyllic nature. But, there are also examples of the reality of life and the people and their longing for peace. Monika Mandelartz and her ensemble Metamorfosi present a selection of secular and spiritual vocal compositions.

Ensemble Metamorfosi

Torna, deh torna

Vincent Lesage – Tenor
Sönke Tams Freier – Bariton
Katrin Krauß – Blockflöte
Susanne Braumann – Viola da Gamba, Lirone
Simon Linné – Theorbe
Lars Henrik Johansen – Cembalo
Monika Mandelartz – Harfe

The Muses’ Fellows

Die Nacht…ist nicht leer

For this program the ensemble members wrote the music and the lyrics themselves. The themes are diverse: there is a spring song, an evening song, nature descriptions, an opera scene, songs about longing and death, as well as instrumental pieces. When you listen, you quickly notice the actuality of these new compositions, their immediate life-style and an extraordinary proximity.

The Muses’ Fellows

Mignonne…allons voir

French music from the 16th century, with many world premiere recordings.



The Muses’ Fellows

and pudding pies

Sönke Tams Freier - Bass
Andreas Pfaff - Violine
Monika Mandelartz - Blockflöte, Harfe



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